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About the Show

The Minor Side of Life features candid conversations about the business and promotional aspects of Minor League sports. Each episode Rob Sternberg brings over a decade of industry experience to the table and chats with a guest who has either worked in a Minor League Front Office, or played or performed on the Minor League stage.

Recording an episode of The Minor Side (of Life) in 2022.

About the Host

Rob Sternberg has been in the Minor League Baseball business for over a decade. From a failed bid at the PBEO Job Fair to senior level Production, Marketing, Promotions, and Communications roles with clubs in Northwest Arkansas, Binghamton, Omaha, Lehigh Valley and the Rocket City Trash Pandas in Madison, Alabama! Rob brings a unique candor and context to the conversations in this podcast which describe a wild ride that’s still running!

Moving to Omaha in 2014.
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